Could Your Anti-Ad Software be Harmful?

Could your anti-ad software be harmful?

Unfortunately there are no bounds where hackers are concerned. A recent attack left more than 500 websites and their visitors exposed to harmful malware, after an ad-blocking company was infiltrated for just 90 minutes. The company – PageFair – provides publishers with a free analytics service. It was this service that found itself heavily compromised […]

ITC Secure Networking has been certified in ISO/IEC20000-1:2011

ITC has successfully completed its accreditation process for the ISO IT Service Management standard. We are very proud of the outcome of this project and of the effort put in by all our teams to get there. This now means that our customers can rely on an external assessment of what we have said all […]

Your details are currency. Be careful

Your details are currency. Be careful There have been two disturbing reports of yet more personal information theft and abuse. We wonder if either of these will surprise you. You may have seen a Facebook quiz doing the rounds, which produces a map of your most used words on Facebook since you signed up. A […]

Do You Trust Your USB Stick?

Do You Trust Your USB Stick?

Despite evolving so rapidly in its few years of existence, the concept of mobile data storage is still relatively novel. So much so that many people don’t perhaps realise the risks a seemingly harmless USB stick could carry. Yes they are convenient. They are easy to transport and easy to plug in; easy to lose […]

Anonymous vs ISIL. Good or Bad?

Following the outrageous, barbaric acts of cowardice and cold blooded murder by representatives (aka murdering lowlife scumbags) of the so called ‘Islamic State’ in Paris last week, the hacking collective known as Anonymous released a video in which they claimed to be ‘going to war’ (Cyber we presume) with the medieval, thoroughly rotten butchers. We […]

Android Users – Be Careful With Word Documents!


A new form of malware has made its way onto the scene, causing havoc with hundreds of Android users’ devices. It comes cleverly disguised as a Word document that once opened, allows the malware to scan the smartphone’s data and send it to the hacker via email. The discovery was made by security firm Zscaler, […]

Cyber Steroids

The largest financial cyber-hacking in the history of cyber hacking was exposed this week during the charging of individuals in the USA. These individuals (three of them, a nice prime number) used legitimate trading accounts registered to one of them (not so clever) to access the details of 100 million people – That’s right 100 […]

1950, Nineteen Eighty-Four, 2015

What do these dates have in common? The Stasi, The Eastern German Secret Police was founded in 1950 with a mandate of mass surveillance of the East German population. Administration 12 was the unit that monitored Mail and Telephone calls. Lots of Mail and Telephone calls. Nineteen Eighty-Four is George Orwell’s depressing, dystopian novel published […]

iPhones are threatened by malware

iPhones are threatened by malware

There was a time when Apple products were considered immune to attack from anyone – even the most exceptionally talented of cyber criminals. However, unfortunately for Apple users this is no longer the case. While we have begun to see malware attacks on iPhones and iPads, it has always been considered a relatively low threat […]

5 signs your computer has been compromised.

5 signs your computer has been compromised

Although there are some types of malware that will broadcast their presence, for example locking your device and demanding a ransom to release it, many are designed to do their work quietly to avoid discovery. In a world in which threat levels are rising by the day, anti virus software has become less and less […]