Survived 2015? Buckle up for 2016.

It’s probably just old age, but 2015 has disappeared in a blur of activity. So many incidents, hacks, vulnerabilities and crimes, eclipsing 2014 and all the years before, for that matter. We are massive advocates of learning the lessons of time, so apart from the undisputable truth that 2016 will be even more chaotic, and […]

Jumping Juniper Batman. To the Batmobile

Christmas has come early for users of Juniper’s Netscreen/ScreenOS firewalls in the form of two absolutely monster vulnerabilities. The first affects ScreenOS versions 6.3.0r17 through 6.3.0r20 and is the unbelievable news that there is a backdoor password that allows full administrative access to the device. The password which is cunningly disguised in the code to […]

HO (FireEye) HO (Linux) HO (Microsoft)


Christmas is the season of giving so we thought we would use this week’s blog for not one, not two, but three gift-wrapped goodies for your partied out delectation. Our first gift comes wrapped in paper emblazoned with a somewhat soggy, extinguished eye gazing upon a Humble Crumble. Inside we discover that the very clever […]

Java bug hits Cisco very hard. What were you planning for Christmas?

In November this year, a security outfit called Foxglove Security advised that a part of Java (called the Apache Common Collection) had some serious issues. This has now blown up into an array of apparent issues with many more libraries. What does this mean? Well the problem is that the issue is so all over the Java […]

DorkBots – That’s all we need

Microsoft and the US-CERT have put out advisories concerning a piece of persistent malware that has apparently infected over 1 million PCs over the last year in 190 countries. It seems that this Dorkbot malware is very sneaky, not just because it appears to have evaded many off the shelf anti virus packages, but because […]