Touché Deloitte


You would have to have been hiding under a rock, on a distant planet or listening to death metal with your VR headset on, to have missed this week’s screaming headlines about a megahack at none other than Gartner’s ‘security consultancy of the year’, Deloitte. Hot on the heels of the Equifax uber-blunder, you can […]

Could the industry handle cybergeddon?

Article by Lucy Hook -Insurance Business Mag 26 Sep 2017 From Petya and NotPetya to WannaCry, it’s been the year of the cyberattack. Just yesterday – in a somewhat embarrassing turn of events – consulting firm Deloitte, which offers cybersecurity advice, confirmed that it had suffered a hack. But with insurers of all kinds – […]

Companies hit by cyberattacks will “raise the regulator’s eyebrow”

Article by Lucy Hook – Insurance Business Mag 22 Sep 2017 Organisations that fall victim to cyberattacks such as Petya, NotPetya and WannaCry are likely to attract the attention of regulators – and attacks are only going to continue, according to one cyber expert. This week, FedEx revealed that the impact of the NotPetya cyberattack […]

There’s a hole in my bucket, Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa


A few weeks ago after our AWS event (where were you all?), we were going to launch into a sermon about the perils of misconfiguring cloud environments. The specific focus of our attention was the misconfiguration of Amazon’s Simple Storage Service AKA S3 buckets (see what we did there). We have to stress that AWS […]



As the dust begins to settle on one of the biggest and certainly most significant data breaches in history, sordid details are emerging about the specifics. Way back in March 2017 a bug was found in the Apache open-source model-view-controller (MVC) web application framework.  An MVC divides a (typically) web application into three parts (no […]


This week ITC had an AWS event in the City immediately before the customer summer social so details may be hazy for some! We had excellent talks, the first from Danilo Poccia, AWS technology evangelist and serverless technology geek; Check out his fantastic github here. Danilo was followed by Dob Todorov from HeleCloud who was […]

Back to the breach


Well from the volume of security noise it would seem that our black-hatted associates have most certainly returned from the beaches of their private islands and super yachts, presumably on their private jets and are hunkered down in front of a wall of screens (mwahaha), just like in the films, either that or they have […]