End of Year Report


As we do every year, last year we made some predictions about what 2017 might hold for Information Security. We presented them at our annual security conference, called CloudBurst and held at the Leadenhall building up in the clouds on Landing 42. We will of course be doing the same at this year’s event – […]



This is the hardest week of the year to write a blog, worse even than the lazy summer months when Boris, Jack, Itay, Yarden, Marcus, Beom Seok and their evil associates (mwahahaha) are spending time in their secret island volcano lairs. Fortunately this week has seen a flurry of fairly interesting news for your pre-Christmas […]

Massive Attack


This week has seen some fairly big news on a number of fronts, some good, some less so, as per usual. Let’s get the baddest news out first. The press has covered this extensively, but in case you missed it, it turns out that our warnings of the bad guys consolidating credential breaches and making […]

Bitcoin Bitten on Bum

You can hardly open a news website, a newspaper, magazine, turn on the radio or television without hearing all about Bitcoin and Blockchain, often from people who are lacking in a detailed understanding of either, which unfortunately covers most of us. This week saw yet another monster heist of Bitcoins, this time from the NiceHash […]

Bad Apple


As regular readers of this missive will be fully aware, many of us around these parts are, to varying degrees of devotion, disciples of the sacred orchard that is Apple. As with most faiths, this almost blind worship to the Church of Jobs (may he Rest In Peace) has to be tested to be meaningful, […]