DOSki from Moski

To protect your sanity, this blog is guaranteed GDPR free. Very big and scary news this week. Cisco’s fantastic threat intelligence outfit Talos has discovered a huge, probably ‘state sponsored or affiliated’, highly sophisticated, modular, not to mention nasty piece of Malware which they have called, wait for it, VPNFilter. What? We hear you cry. […]

Oh Marcus!

It has been a while since we had an update on the situation of Marcus Hutchins Esq. You may recall that Marcus aka MalwareTech rose to prominence after stopping the WannaCry virus dead in its tracks by simply registering a domain. Skills if ever there were. Shortly thereafter in August 2017, Marcus had his collar […]

USB you have been pinged

Way way back in the last century The Under Sea Boat (Unterseeboot), now commonly known in English as the submarine, was sneakily introduced to naval warfare with a primary aim of disrupting commerce, supply lines and military activity. The premise is genius. Everyone knows you are there, they probably can’t find you and you pop […]

[email protected] Week

It has been a very busy week in the world of information security, or ‘cyber security’, which we are assured by colleagues sounds ‘more sexy’, in fact they say that anything sounds more sexy when preceded by the word cyber. Some of you may have received a very nicely worded email from Twitter informing you […]