In my previous blog, I talked about the need to rethink how our people, our teams and our businesses continue to operate securely. Evidenced by two recent state-sponsored cyber attacks – SolarWinds and the Hafnium hack on Microsoft Exchange Servers – the adversarial mindset of cyber criminals continually reinvents new ways to gain access to your […]


In recent months, two of the most sophisticated and severe state-sponsored cyber attacks – SolarWinds and the Hafnium hack on Microsoft Exchange Servers – saw not only 18,000+ and 30,000+ companies and government organisations affected each, but also unintended victims within each respective supply chain. Both ‘zero day’ exploits afforded attackers a lengthy period of […]

Forrester TEI Report – Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Last month, Forrester released a Total Economic Impact (TEI) research document which revealed significant cost savings and business benefits associated with using Microsoft Azure Sentinel. To be clear – it revealed those benefits when the users switched from an existing traditional SIEM or “SIEM-like” (whatever that is) logging and correlation infrastructure. There are a lot […]

Sunburst – More heat than light

By now it is unlikely that anybody working in the cyber security industry is unfamiliar with the SolarWinds breach and code compromise, now known as the Sunburst hack. To recap; FireEye, on discovering that some of their intellectual property in the form of their offensive and red-teaming tools had somehow become available in the shadier […]

EDR, MDR, NDR, XDR – how do you take your detection and response?

With Microsoft the latest big name to label their suite of security products and services with the “XDR” moniker, it might seem like those of us offering MDR services have got some catching up to do. Concerned as always that we are lined up with how our customers want to consume security services, especially our […]

Who is Microsoft security for?

I’ve written before of the innovation, ingenuity, coverage and effectiveness of the Microsoft security stack and I’m in no doubt that they have one of the very best “end-to-end” security control and visibility solutions available. So much for that then, but who is the intended consumer? I come across some understandable confusion when talking to […]

Collaboration Growing Pains

I’m going to resist using words like “unprecedented” and phrases like “the new normal” as much as possible, but we really can’t ignore that things have changed quickly in the last few weeks. Not so much people working from home – that’s been a feature of many of our (admittedly privileged IT worker) lives for […]

Microsoft Security Stack – will there still be room for specialists?

As the functionality and capability of the Microsoft security suite continues to grow, and the results of comparative testing from industry experts get more impressive with each passing month, where is this all going – and what will the specialist security market look like in 5 years? Here at ITC we have been very impressed […]

Time for a fresh look at the Microsoft security stack?

A decade ago, in fact 3 years ago, the words “Microsoft” and “Security” were rarely used in proximity to each other unless accompanied by swearing, hand gestures and a kind of grim hopelessness. Along with everyone else outside of Redmond, I held the view, and carried the supporting mental scars, that Windows was a huge […]


Article in CIO Applications Europe Cyber security products are more advanced and powerful than ever before, and the rate at which innovation and invention beget new products or services for mass consumption is simply incredible to behold. However, in parallel, the world of cyber threats and the reputation damaging consequences dominate headlines worldwide. Only this […]