CEO Tom Millar is honoured to have been invited to speak at C5 Capital‘s launch of its Cybersecurity Laboratory in Bahrain on Monday 20th March. The aim of the lab will be to drive better awareness of cyber threats, encourage the development of unique solutions to address the ever-growing issues in the Gulf and across the Middle East, and contribute to creating qualified cadres that can both face the challenges and seize the opportunities in the burgeoning cyberspace.

C5 has been working closely with the government, key industry players, and promising technology start-ups in Bahrain to help grow and nurture the ICT ecosystem. C5 sees Bahrain as an oasis of possibilities for future tech innovation and growth. The Kingdom is uniquely positioned to benefit from transformative technologies and developments in the cybersecurity sphere to become a regional leader and centre for excellence.

The Lab will draw on C5’s network of expertise to enhance cybersecurity awareness in the Middle East. On a regional level the lab will be structured to include seminars and training.

C5 is inviting ITC to attend an evening with Ron Moultrie, former Director of Signals Intelligence, US National Security Agency, and C5’s portfolio companies to explore the latest intelligence in the cybersecurity landscape and the impact it has worldwide on enterprise and society.

For more info about the Cybersecurity Laboratory in Bahrain, please contact:
[email protected]

+44 (0) 20 7517 3900