Collective Defence

Advance your cyber security

Collectively defend against cyber threats with
real-time, machine-speed threat sharing capabilities.

What is
Collective Defence?

  • Understand the threats that are targeting your business, your industry, and your sector, at network-speed
  • Shift from signature-based detection of known threats toward a more proactive and behavioural-based detection capability
  • Optimise scarce cyber resources and achieve better “defensive economies of scale”

Introducing ITC Managed Collective Defence

The first automated solution that links industry peers, supply chains, and governments within a common defence architecture.

Delivered, managed and supported 24 hours a day, by ITC’s Security Operations Centre based in London, the solution utilises IronNet Cybersecurity’s information sharing technology, IronDome: the industry’s first collective defence solution.

ITC Managed Collective Defence powered by IronNet

Thomson Reuters chooses behavioural-based protection

“Traditional means of detection in [cloud] environments are not going to work, they only work on a subset of that environment. We think that analytics are the way to monitor cloud environments safely, understand the change and nature of threat, and address it accordingly.”

Richard Puckett
VP Security Operations, Strategy & Architecture, Thomson Reuters


Post-Webinar Summary:
Why Collaborate?

Why people are the glue
in collective defence

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