ITC CISO as a Service

As cyber threats continue to increase in frequency and complexity, successful organisations consider information security their key priority. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are sought-after individuals who have the experience and skills to bridge the gap between the C-level leaders and information security professionals within an organisation.

Key benefits

Utilising CISO as a service will enable you to bridge the gap between senior leadership and information security. When the right CISO is placed within an organisation, they use their field experience and leadership skills to develop information security to not only support the business cyber security needs, but to enable an organisation to keep winning in their marketplace. This service provides:

Why you might need this service

With the cyber security talent gap widening – 53% of organisations wait over 6 months for qualified candidates – mid-tier businesses are struggling to find experienced (and certified) personnel who are both knowledgeable cyber professionals and leaders with a high degree of business acumen.

However, hiring the right CISO is not the only challenge. Long-term retention of good CISOs is also difficult as they are often being poached by other companies. So, for many mid-tier enterprises, attracting and retaining a full-time CISO is simply not cost effective.


The advisory team will ensure you are paired with a CISO that is right for your business. ITC has been providing CISO as a service for many years and can draw on experience of working with various high-profile organisations.