ITC Cyber Due Diligence

This is a non-invasive review that assesses an organisation’s current cyber security (controls and practices), IT architecture and protection status. It identifies high-risk areas, red flags and cyber vulnerabilities to deliver a clear and easy to understand security ratings report.

Key benefits

We provide a straightforward report that rates the cyber security of your business or that of a third party, giving comparisons with industry peers.

The ratings report provides data on:

Why you might need this service

It’s critical you have a qualified view of the cyber risks your organisation is exposed to. Whether it’s a point-in-time view of your own cyber security maturity, that of a current third-party supplier, vendor or partner, or that of a business you are considering investing in, trading with or acquiring, this service will provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions.


We partner with leading private equity and international law firms to promote cyber due diligence. Our credible and confidential reporting enables better, fact-based decision-making which helps prevent financial loss and reputational damage.