ITC Penetration Testing

Regular penetration (or pen) testing is an important step in hardening an organisation’s cyber security posture. Under controlled conditions it will highlight vulnerabilities and enable them to be fixed before they are exploited. By identifying vulnerabilities, predicting their likelihood and quantifying the possible impact, penetration testing enables proactive management and the implementation of corrective measures which can be used to shape an organisation’s cyber security strategy.

Key benefits

Following the penetration test we deliver a report highlighting identified vulnerabilities and recommend the remediation steps necessary to mitigate these vulnerabilities. The report will include an executive summary of the identified concerns and their potential business impact.

An ITC Penetration Test will help you to:

Why you might need this service

In an age of threat actors with advancing sophistication, a growing number of breaches are achieved or leveraged using application vulnerabilities. Regular penetration testing is therefore a crucial aspect of any robust cyber security solution. It will enable vulnerabilities to be identified before they can be exploited. Penetration testing also provides the initial vulnerability assessment that is an essential part of any cyber security strategy.


Our penetration tests are delivered by professionals with a history of handling complex, large-scale vulnerability assessments across a wide range of clients and industry sectors. The advisory team uses a proven ITC methodology to assist organisations with achieving cyber security maturity.