In this article ITC’s Executive Chairman, William Kilmer, considers the biggest cyber security risk organisations face in keeping up with shifts in the current threat landscape.
How well do you know your third-party connections? Read more >
Welcome back to the second edition of our re-styled and enhanced Cyber Bulletin.
Feedback we received was very positive and it certainly was well read, we hope this month’s publication brings more thought-provoking views, insider tips and industry news in the world of cyber security.
This month’s main feature is an article written by ITC’s Executive Chairman William Kilmer, it focuses on understanding the cyber risk posed by your supply chain. This is a subject all businesses need to get to grips with as many of the recent well-publicised cyber incidents are caused by a third-party.
William is an American in London, however, apart from changing a few S’s to Z’s, the article sheds important light on protecting your business against third-party risk.
If you haven’t already heard the news about the Russian cyber attacks you must have had a VERY busy morning. We have an article to keep you informed with comments from Malcolm Taylor, ITC’s ex-GCHQ security expert. ITC are proud supporters of the NCSC. Read Malcolm’s opinion on why their claims would not be made lightly in the link above or tune in tonight to BBC Radio 5 Live to hear more from Malcolm on this topic. 
If you didn’t take a look at our Threat Horizons last month these are well worth investigating, we released a new one just yesterday. September had a sporadic outburst of four vulnerabilities detected and brought to the attention of our managed customers, we recommend checking your businesses’ security against them. Do get in contact if you’d like any assistance.


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