ITC’s senior cyber consultant Richard Piccone believes that when it comes to Cyber Incident Response, board-level planning is key. In this information-packed feature he details the six essential phases of Incident Response.  Read more >

Welcome to our latest Cyber Bulletin.
In truth we should really give it the
sub-heading of ‘Summer Special’, but no doubt it’ll be raining on the day you open this, so let’s leave it as is.

It’s been a busy few weeks in the world of cyber. If you’re an avid Threat Of The Week reader (as you should be), you’ll have seen stories concerning vulnerable operating systems, Microsoft, viral apps with Russian backdoors and our old friend BA back in the news – and this was just the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t read our TOTW blog or kept an eye out for our Threat Horizons, we strongly urge you to get up to date (links below).

At the very least, sign up for the NCSC (we are official supporters) weekly threat report, spookily it covers similar stuff! We’ve added this week’s report and a link on the right.

This month we’re shedding some light on Cyber Incident Response. This is not, as some may have you think, a form of dark art. It’s simply the term used for having a plan in place for that worst-case scenario, when getting the right people together and being able to respond immediately to a cyber event is so vitally important – whether the incident is malicious or an all-too-common human error. Senior Cyber Consultant Richard Piccone has penned a straightforward and to-the-point article on the subject. Take a read and then ask yourself, “do I have a realistic plan in place?”

In addition, our CTO Adrian Taylor (no relation to Malcolm) will be featuring in an upcoming BrightTalk webinar, discussing breach detection and response. He also expands this theme to consider the basics of defending beyond your immediate perimeter in a recent panel session. We’ve included links on the right, and you may be pleasantly surprised, in this world of expensive tech, to discover how affordable endpoint detection and response can be.

Finally, the next in our hugely successful series of Cyber Breakfast events is set for the 18th of September. We’ll take a look at the current cyber issues and will major on the basics of cyber planning and getting your responses right. We’ve included a link to the invite. This is 90 minutes of your time that will definitely be well spent – in addition to a great breakfast, you just might come away with some
brand-saving know-how.

Have a great rest of summer. We’ll be back when the kids have returned to school and England have a firm grasp on that Ashes urn.


Breach detection and response
The whole business challenge
ITC’s CTO Adrian Taylor discusses how the world of cyber security detection and response is changing fast. Technical detection is now just the starting point for a series of exercises which will require coordination across the business. Any problems associated with this are for the whole business to solve together. Register here >


Beyond perimeter-based security
An exclusive panel of industry experts come together to discuss where traditional perimeter-based security models fall short. They look at cyber attack methods and how to protect against them, and also consider strategies for improved network security and how to implement them. View here >


NCSC Weekly Threat Report
The National Cyber Security Centre’s weekly threat report is drawn from recent open source reporting. This recent report features new vulnerabilities revealed by Microsoft, a big patch day for Adobe and a reminder to keep your smart devices secure. Read more >


Guidance on what to do if you do suffer a cyber incident
Attend our Cyber Breakfast on Wednesday 18th September and we’ll provide you with plenty of straightforward advice on the immediate steps needed if (and when) that cyber incident occurs. It’ll be 90 minutes well spent. Information and registration >
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