Acknowledging that criminal activity is becoming more sophisticated, our experts highlight five areas of immediate concern and warn that businesses must be prepared or risk devastation. You’ll also find links to National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommendations and Kevin Whelan’s predictions for the year ahead.  Read more >
    We were delighted to see so many of you at our Cyber Summit last month. From start to finish there wasn’t a spare seat in sight, and feedback has been hugely positive. We’ll be launching a dedicated page on our website this week, so keep your eyes peeled.
    As the year gets underway, businesses are being encouraged to adopt cyber security best practices to mitigate the increasing threat of cyber attacks – it’s something we emphasised in last month’s bulletin. Therefore, it is useful to know what dangers might be more prevalent than others on the threat horizon. With this in mind, this month’s feature article addresses what to look out for and highlights areas of particular concern that all businesses should be aware of.
    Other articles include the NCSC’s risk management guidance for organisations of all sizes, and a report on the recent personal breach of Amazon’s founder, highlighting the significant risk insider threat poses to business.
    The survival of law firms will depend on how well they are able to evolve their cyber strategy. ITC’s Malcolm Taylor, speaks to Lawyer Monthly on how the legal profession might need to be more vigilant than other industry sectors when it comes to protecting against cyber breaches. Additionally, ITC hosted its Fraud Prevention Forum earlier this month, tailored to what’s coming next in the world of retail fraud. Following on from this, ITC’s Kevin Whelan spoke to Retail Sector magazine on the true impact of loyalty card fraud and how it is not a victimless crime.


Get the basics right: attend our Cyber Breakfast
On Thursday 28th February, we will provide you with some straightforward and clear advice on how to get the basics right with cyber security, from staff awareness to the right investments, it’s 90 minutes well spent.
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Law firms must evolve their cyber strategy to survive
Cyber attacks have become a serious concern for all types of businesses, but the legal sector has more to fear than most. Read more >


The true impact of loyalty card fraud
Protecting loyalty programmes should be a top priority for all retailers, for without loyal customers where would businesses be?
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Was Jeff Bezos the weak link in cyber security?
The Amazon founder reveals what he describes as an extortion attempt by the National Enquirer.
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