Rather than trying to counter unknown risks, you should narrow the lens on known vulnerabilities. So says Glenn Fitton, ITC Senior Cyber Consultant, in this article where he zooms in on ‘Threat Intelligence’, focusing on what it is, and what it isn’t.
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Cyber Summit - free to attend and not to be missed
This is a busy month for ITC as we gear up for our biggest event of the year, our Cyber Summit on the 31st January. Taking on a slightly different format to previous years, we’ll be holding elective break-out sessions followed by a masterclass focusing on exactly what you need to do, and how you should respond when a breach happens. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, what sector it’s in, or how technical you are. If you are unsure about how to respond to a data breach when the ‘worst case’ inevitably happens, then register to attend.
New year, new cyber you
Now, as 2019 gets underway, there’s an influx of new gym memberships, ‘Dry-January’ and ‘Veganuary’ commitments as many of us attempt to carve out better versions of ourselves, but we should also be thinking about applying similarly healthy regimes for our businesses too.
With this in mind, we kick off our first bulletin of the year with a feature article, written by Senior Cyber Consultant Glenn Fitton, that addresses the importance of getting the basics right, and how threat intelligence is a key enabler to this.
With the FCA advising against the heavy reliance on third-party providers, ITC’s Malcolm Taylor tells SC Media UK that good cyber security can be understood and, crucially, led by boards in all sectors. As we’ve mentioned before, third-party risk affects every business and the headlines speak for themselves, as summarised in this Threat of the Week. Understanding the cyber risk posed by your supply chain is something all businesses need to get to grips with.
Should you need any assistance on ITC’s Third-Party Risk Management service or anything cyber security related then get in contact.


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