JUNE 2019
With the Chinese tech giant already embedded in our telecoms infrastructure, Malcolm Taylor, our ex-GCHQ man (seen here during a recent TV interview), considers the potential risk of the firm’s involvement in the UK’s 5G rollout. Read more >

Back by popular demand.

There’s been a brief hiatus in the publication schedule of the ITC Cyber Bulletin. We didn’t think anyone would notice – but how wrong we were. Your screams and cries have been heard, and we’ll now be rolling out the Bulletin on a bi-monthly basis. Each issue will continue to provide you with the latest happenings in the world of cyber security, expert guidance from our friends at the NCSC and, of course, news of our regular must-attend upcoming events.
    And speaking of events; we’ll be hosting another Cyber Breakfast this month. If you haven’t attended one of these before, then now’s your chance – don’t miss out, we’re sure you’ll find it an enlightening experience. Full details can be accessed via the column opposite.
    For those of you in Jersey, we’ll soon be partnering with the island’s leading provider of enterprise services to host a Cyber Summit. This will feature our interactive breach masterclass which has been so well received at previous events. Get in touch to confirm your attendance.
    You’ll have no doubt seen the latest headlines screaming about the risk Huawei’s 5G technology poses for the UK’s national security. Well, it doesn’t all have to be all bad news, as our Director Cyber Advisory makes clear in our feature article.
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; cyber security is all about risk management. And to continue to hammer home the point, we’ve included some simple guidance provided by the NCSC to help organisations make decisions about the best ways to manage their cyber security risk.
    And if you haven’t already, take a look at our Threat Horizons below. This is where our expert security analysts put together detailed reports on how you can patch and remediate your estates against the latest vulnerabilities found in the wild web world!
    For the most recent high-profile breaches in the cyber world, click on Threat of the Week below, visit our News section or follow us on LinkedIn
    We hope you enjoy this comeback issue, and will be eagerly anticipating the next one that’ll be with you in just a couple of months’ time.


Introducing our new CTO
ITC is pleased to welcome Adrian Taylor, our new Chief Technology Officer. Adrian has more than 25 years of IT experience across strategic technology deployment, global IT transformation programs, professional services, data communications, data centre and hosting infrastructure. He will contribute regularly to future editions of the bulletin but in the meantime, for those with any burning questions for Adrian, please do reach out.


Clear information on improving cyber defences
Attend our Cyber Breakfast on Wednesday 19 June and we’ll provide you with plenty of straightforward advice on the basics of cyber security – from staff awareness to making the right investment decisions. It’ll be 90 minutes well spent. Information and registration >


Cyber Summit and Breach Masterclass
On Thursday 27 June, in partnership with Jersey Telecom we’re running an interactive masterclass to help plan for that worst-case cyber security incident. Sir Andrew Ridgway, former Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey and Chief of Defence Intelligence, will open the Summit, and ITC’s Director Cyber Advisory, Malcolm Taylor, will give the keynote. RSVP >


NCSC guidance: risk management principles
The guidance from the NCSC is clear, ‘Get the basics right’. Its risk management principles can be applied to organisations of all size, from sole traders to large government departments. As supporters of the NCSC we urge you to have a read >
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