16 Million Email Addresses Have Been Harvested By Bad Boys – Are You Amongst Them?

Over the last years we at ITC, and all other security vendors for that matter, have been cautioning against the perils of nasty little malwares, often invisible to anti virus, enslaving machines for numerous nefarious purposes.

One of the primary functions of malware has been to lift usernames and passwords as they are used from the infected machine and upload them to Pirate HQ for on-sale, or direct use by the bad guys.

Showing considerable diligence and unsurprisingly ruthless attention to detail, the German Office of Information Security (BSI) has announced that 16 million (!!!!)  of these username and passwords have been lifted, have copied them, and have a tool that enables users to check to see if their username is on the list

Although the page is in German, it is very easy to use – fill in your email address, tick the red box, and the system will come back and tell you if you are named and shamed.

The site is at: www.sicherheitstest.bsi.de

The identification of malware on enterprise systems is a difficult task. ITCs NetSure360° managed security platform correlates firewall, intrusion prevention and traffic flows with threat feed data from numerous sources to identify malware in real time.

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Finally, from all of us at ITC to the BSI: vielen Dank