Don’t wait until it is too late. Secure your infrastructure now!

Don’t wait until it is too late .  Secure your infrastructure now!

A recent article on The Register website, DNS hijack: How hacktivists went on a mass web joyride spree  reports on the hacking of which owns Network Solutions, the DNS service provider which led to some websites for freebie antivirus firms AVG and Avira, computer security toolkit Metasploit, and mobile messaging outfit WhatsApp being successfully redirected by a pro-Palestine hacking gang.  Their DNS records were hijacked and visitors to these sites were surprised when they were greeted with a message from a pro-Palestinian group calling itself the KDMS Team, instead of the usual security tips and links to anti-malware downloads. How embarrassing is that!

In a statement, – promised to hire new staff and improve its security practices:

We have been in contact with the limited number of affected customers and have since resolved the issue. We value every customer, appreciate the trust they place in us for their online needs and continue to work hard to eradicate the attacks that harm our customers and the web ecosystem.

The company has taken measures to address the persistent threat of cybercrime, including increasing personnel, implementing best-of-breed front-line and mitigation solutions, regularly engaging third party experts and partners and reviewing and enhancing critical systems.

While no business is immune to cybercrime in today’s web environment, our goal is to create a safe, secure and reliable environment for all of our customers.

At ITC we know, (through bitter experience) that it is less expensive and a lot less stressful to invest in securing your infrastructure before it all goes pear shaped.

Implementing ITC’s five steps to securing your network will provide the necessary foundation to ensure you won’t be writing one of the these press releases.

Five Steps to securing your infrastructure;

  1. Deploy a centralised logging platform.
  2. Build an asset model identifying your crown jewels, important systems and processes
  3. Implement vulnerability assessment
  4. Implement Security Information Event Management (SIEM) for appropriate use cases, driven and filtered by asset and vulnerability mapping
  5. Implement dynamic threat feeds to identify traffic to and from known dodgy locations


Contact ITC at [email protected] to discuss how we provide this solution in our Netsure360⁰ Security, Performance and Network Management platform.