Evolution needed to fight Evilution

There are some nasty people out there. Regular readers will have followed our spleen venting on ransomware, however the emergence of campaigns targeting schools and hospitals is a new low for Cyber Scum read here. We have commented on some of the basics that need to be in place to limit your exposure to ransomware – one of our resident propeller heads has drawn this up into a rather neat document which is well worth a look here. We do, however, think something has to give in the control space – hold that thought.

We also recognise that there are some very clever nasty people out there. Somewhere in a secret lair (OK, a messy bedroom) nasty people have been ‘splicing’ malware together to create super strains of new malware which have advanced infiltration, stealthing and payload delivery capabilities, read here. Anyone else picturing a cat being stroked?

Coming back to that thought (you did hold it, right?), we are pouring brain power into evolving the response of the Forces of Good. We are working on a number of ways to combat these challenges using some unique approaches with existing control points, however, a thought we can’t shake is ‘AV is dead’. Maybe we should clarify that… Traditional AV is outclassed when it comes to being a primary control to dealing with these threats. There are some very exciting developments coming out of the industry in this area. We are all over them and looking to see how they can be integrated into a security architecture to protect you. Interested to hear more, please get in touch and we will be happy to share our thoughts and plans: [email protected] or 020 7517 3900.