Hats off to The NCSC

As you will all know, we are a very, very cynical bunch.

In this game, separating reality from marketing hype and being able to confidently explain why the black box that you can just plug in to solve all of your problems doesn’t exist, no matter how many glossy leaflets, slick sales campaigns or any other brainwashing techniques might lead you to believe.

Many years ago, in fact 1957, one W. D. Mellin (Army of course, the fly boys and sailors were too busy checking themselves out in the mirror) coined the phrase ‘Garbage in Garbage Out’. This could not be more true of security solutions deployed without appropriate architecture, operational or governance planning.

Imagine then that you are a Government body tasked with bringing the public (often murky) world of cyber security together with the private sector from individuals to massive Enterprises and everything in the middle.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), (4E 43 53 43 if you are in the know) has published its annual report this week, and it makes for fascinating reading.

From a standing start (organisational wise) in 2016, the NCSC has become a highly credible and trusted interface between ‘The Government’ and ‘Us’.

The NCSC annual review demonstrates that The British Government is committed to the value of sharing what can be shared for the greater good, as was promised.

The USB powered flying artificial bug as a backdrop can be seen either as a warning or a plot spoiler (you have to read the document to understand), but will certainly serve to engage the younger generations. The CyberFirst programme is really bringing talent out of the dark bedroom, encouraging Girls and Boys alike to challenge themselves and learn.

The progress that has been made over the last two years is a great accomplishment and appears to be running faster than Westminster time. The UK security industry, Enterprises large and small, together with individuals should support this endeavour.

So, hats (black, grey and white) off to those who serve to keep us safe.

If you would like to discuss our partnership with the NCSC, they probably already know, but we don’t. Contact us at: [email protected] or call 020 7517 3900.