Hello! How Long before they Do It To Me?

As predicted by The Seer Of Crossharbour, Chromas, our very own wizard, RansomWare is hitting Android phones and hitting them hard. Disguised as a message from the FBI just for you.

What happens is you receive an Adobe flash update (and obviously you are forever getting Adobe updates), you click on it and see a message from the FBI saying that you have visited naughty pr0n sites. It then disables your Home and Back buttons until you pay up:


You can’t just go and power cycle your device either because the malware runs on boot. You are truly in a world of pain.

Various Android Anti Virus products detect this (including the people who have found it; BitDefender) as: Android Trojan SLocker-DZ, which is a little bit of a problem since this is a generic piece of Android malware with a large number of variants.

Unless you are running the Android Data Bridge (ADB), which enables a safe mode start, you have absolutely no chance.

We recommend that you run AntiVirus software on all of your devices, even your Internet Of Things lightbulbs, if you have them dancing on the ceiling.

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