Know your Assets!

In today`s IT world there is an ever increasing demand for new tools and systems that can help:

–       Achieve more productive and effective operations

–       Provide more detailed or focused reports for Management, Customers, etc.

–       Maintain Business, Financial, HR and other information

–       Detect Malwares and Viruses

–       Monitor Network Activity

–       And much more ..

Most of these systems provide logging, some alerting and multiple ways for connecting, managing and administering these services.

Due to the criticality of the systems and the data that they hold it is imperative to understand the risks around these and the threats/exploits for the same.

Without effective Vulnerability Management it is quite a challenge to maintain effective control over the security as there is no easy way to gather:

–       Ports open on the different devices

–       Vulnerabilities due to Operating System, missing patches, etc.

–       Detailed and structured Asset Model – Device Role, Criticality, Vendor, Product, OS, Vulnerabilities, etc.

However even if Vulnerability Management is in place, but it is not developed or implemented to its full potential (for example no authenticated scans or inefficient processes to respond to vulnerabilities are created), then only half of the picture is available to us. The missing information may also result in false sense of security, incorrect prioritisation of the alerts, many false positives.

This also affects SIEM monitoring, also resulting in many false positive alerts, incorrect priorities, reactive and inefficient response to security threats…

At ITC we’re experts in vulnerability scanning and secure network design, and also are an experienced integrator of Vulnerability Management and SIEM.

If you would like to find out more about ITC`s NetSure360° products, please contact us on [email protected] or call 020 7517 3900.

It may just be in time given that some hackers could be enjoying a sunny holiday at present in the company of an army of zombie(cocktail)s..