Mid year school report time for the ITC Threat Of The Week

As the Summer holidays draw on apace, we thought it might be time to subject ourselves to a mid-year assessment.

At the end of last year we made some predictions:

  • Malware – The volume of malware will continue to increase, targeted at multiple platforms (especially mobile)
  • CryptoLocker – Data encryption and destruction Malware like CryptoLocker will become more and more of a headache for Enterprise and individual users.
  • Windows XP shuffles off – Many issues around windows patching
  • Enterprise Private Clouds will grow quickly
  • Behavioral based anomaly detection – will increase significantly
  • Social networks will be used to socially engineer employees
  • Mobile security – Increasing levels of security for mobile devices will be provided by the device manufacturers

So how are we doing?

Not bad work for our crystal ball.

The message is clear. Malware and information security breaches are becoming more mobile, more targeted, more accurate and more effective. You have little chance of identifying or dealing with attacks using point technologies, let alone understand your risk profile.

ITC’s NetSure360° Managed Security service, which was the best product winner at this year’s ISSA-UK ‘Security In The Spotlight’ event (just saying!) integrates our five steps to security process with best of breed technology so that you can see the wood from the trees and focus on what is really important to your business.

We expect more of the same in the next half of the year, not to mention a massive rise in credit card thefts from European traders.

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