New iBoots and Panties

Are we making an assumption that long suffering readers of this blog will know that the term ‘boot’, in the context of a computer starting up, is a reference to pulling oneself up from, or over a fence with one’s bootstraps? Thought not.

In very recent news, it appears that a significant portion of the boot code for Apple iOS devices was recently leaked on GitHub and subsequently taken down very quickly by the lawyers of The Sacred Orchard using a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA action).

The released code was apparently from iOS version 9, but as we all know (think Spectre, Meltdown) the lower level the code, the less it is updated and the harder it is to protect against exposed vulnerabilities. Curious then that this comes at a time when Apple are in conflict with none other than the FBI about providing decoding Materiel and tooling to The Man. Nothing to see here Chief, just some Clevor Trevor showing off.

This should not impact you, your family or your users, have a look at our friend Graham Cluley’s article for more details.

This week’s blog was going to be about the excellent work being undertaken by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) over the past year. In a press release this week, the NCSC stated this:

A key strand in this approach has been the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme, which aspires to protect the majority of people in the UK from the majority of the harm, caused by the majority of the attacks, for the majority of the time.

Are we assuming that ‘majority’ means more than 50% and that someone had a bet on including the word four times in one sentence? Very confusing.

Journalistic style aside, we continue to admire the work of the NCSC and will always be happy to assist them whenever we can.

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