Off My Head Son!

You are in charge of security at The FIFA World Cup

You engage the RISCO Group to provide security management

You put the SSID and password for the secure wifi on a screen in your Network Operations Centre (yes really).

Someone takes a photo of an official standing in front of the screens and publishes it in the media along with the username and password:


Password: b5a2112014 (brazil2014 get it)











Which just goes to show, you can have all the systems in the world, but you can be let down badly by simple controls – no photography in the security centre, let alone having it up there for all to see on a big screen. Honestly.

As well as providing technology solutions for infrastructure security, we offer a number of services around security controls, from complete ISO27001:2013 audits and PCI audits through to providing pragmatic assessments and control recommendations for your business that will really make a measurable difference.

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