Pirates on the Starboard Bow

Another leak this week, this time from the United States Navy!

That’s right, the names and social security numbers of nearly 135,000 current and former employees have leaked out. Is this better than water leaking in? Not if you are the employee from HPE, whose laptop was allegedly compromised and the details were accessed by ‘unknown individuals’.

The matter is currently being investigated by the Naval Criminal Intelligence Service, probably not the sort of people you would like to spend a prolonged amount of time with, and we are sure that we will see a hacking outfit sponsored by a national state that likes noodles or vodka being fingered presently.

The number of malwares being seen in the wild, which have apparently brazenly bypassed antivirus measures is a sure sign that it is time to move on from these legacy technologies and look to a next generation product which uses heuristics, behaviour and fancy mathematical modelling (sometimes called artificial intelligence or machine learning).

Here at ITC we continue to look at the products in this space, which are maturing and are becoming enterprise ready. We have had some success with Cylance and are looking at a number of others. Our sales and marketing teams will be in touch with our customers regarding our findings and recommendations in the near future.

In case you have been in a cave and off the grid for the last week, today is the marketing fiasco known as Black Friday. Originally a States only thing, this has caught on like ‘reaching out’, ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘have a nice day’ and has seen chaos and pandemonium across the country.

What many people are not aware of is that the Monday after Black Friday is now called Cyber-Monday, the day on which usually smaller online stores have lots of special offers and take many more orders than on a usual Monday.

Of course, hidden amongst the too good to be true special offers you are about to be bombarded by in your inbox, there will be an increased number of nasties waiting for you to click the wrong link or visit an infected website. We urge you to be extra special careful over this weekend and early next week. Paul Ducklin of Sophos has prepared a Cyber-Monday survival guide here.

If you would like to discuss naval or security matters, we have sailors and pirates galore. Take your pick. Contact us at: e[email protected] or 020 7517 3900.

Be careful out there.