Storm Troopers Ball

Thank you very much to all the people who came to our StormCloud conference at Landing Forty Two of The Cheese Grater yesterday. The feedback has been terrific.

We would particularly like to thank Madina, Veebha and all of the ITC staff who made the event run so smoothly. Of course, a round of applause for all of the speakers: Graham Cluley (even though he stole some of our thunder!), Raghu Nandakumara (who brought his very own StormCloud), Gareth Lindahl-Wise (with his usual sage advice), Andy Brown (with his insight into the future of authentication and the user journey) all washed down with a dose of mentalism from the baffling Confusionist Sean Alexander, ably assisted by Tom Millar and myself.

The sponsorship of HPE, Qualys, Mobliciti and our new partner HeleCloud was very much appreciated and we look forward to sharing our plans with our customers as the year progresses.

Our security engineering team of Tamas, David and the rogue Jedi Drew built a fantastic demonstration environment of attack, detect, alert and prevent (NetSure360°) all in the AWS Cloud. The demonstration of the ease of hacking and how to mitigate the risk was very slick and polished. You could hardly tell that they had been up all night at all.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the demonstration on the day, please contact us to arrange a private view. Now the environment is in the Cloud, it is unlikely that any of the hardware components will have been ‘borrowed’ to fix a problem for a customer, the blight of in-house demonstration facilities the world over!

The key messages from the event were to make sure that you plan cloud deployments appropriately and build Identity and Access Management, security controls and processes into your programmes from the ground up rather than turning Shadow IT (mwahahaha) into production ($$$) without the intervening governance (a VERY necessary evil).

The security, testing and controls of Application Programming Interfaces were specifically called out as something to be very much on top of.

It was highlighted that when built, managed and monitored correctly, there is nothing but opportunity for security and compliance in the Cloud and it is our mission to assist our customers, with the support of our partners, on this exciting journey.

Now the storm has subsided we are going to have some fun at the White Hat Ball, hope to see some of you there!

If you didn’t make it to the event, please contact us for a copy of this year’s Threat Files at [email protected] or 020 7517 3900.