The office balancing act – Security vs. Performance

Balancing the demands of security vs. performance is tough for any business. IT departments can make themselves incredibly unpopular with the rest of the office if they start insisting on introducing extra levels of security and protection that result in diminished performance. It’s a simple fact that often the required level of security gets bypassed so as to avoid affecting the performance of employees, impeding their progress by requiring them to jump through a number of security hoops. For example, requiring password protection for various difficult systems, with constantly changing passwords or those that are hard to remember – inevitably this will lead to numerous lock outs and calls for help and that eats into employee work time.

However, although this approach is fine where a business is lucky enough to avoid any major security disasters, it will become all too apparent that it is flawed if the company is hit by hackers or suffers significant data loss. Security measures don’t have to be horribly time consuming and if they can prevent the complete halt in productivity that a security breach can result in then surely they are worth the effort?

If you’re not sure whether your IT team is exploring the security options on offer as much as possible, as a result of resistance within the business, then it might be time to start thinking about your digital security strategy as a whole. There are many different ways to ensure a company’s digital security and these don’t have to impact heavily on performance to be effective. With increasing threats evident – and multiplying all the time, particularly with respect to business data – it simply no longer makes sense to wait until your business has been affected to take action.

ITC Secure Networking offers managed security services that serve your business without slowing it down. We are one of the UK’s leading networking and security integrators, ensuring organisations have assured IT.