Turkish Bath!

Yet more Turkish action this week, they really have been very busy over there, if you believe everything you read in the papers!

A group of hackers, going by the name ‘Turkish Crime Family’ has publicly threatened to give the iDevices of a truckload (reported numbers differ) of iPunters a thoroughly good bath, in fact they claim they are going to wipe them completely clean unless Apple stumps up a $75,000 ransom or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards by April the 7th. Wow.

First reported on the Vice Motherboard site here and supported by a YouTube video of an alleged breach of an elderly lady’s device, this threat is at the very least intriguing.

Apple appears to be taking this quite seriously; it is in some sort of dialog with the children, sorry perpetrators, responsible. Clearly the thing to do would be to pay up the gift cards and then see where (from which bedroom) they are redeemed, or is that too obvious? iTunes gift cards, really?

With two weeks to go until the blackmail deadline (two weeks, seriously?), all we can do is wait and see. Should you take another copy of your data? Who knows? Lets take a punt on you will probably be ok, shall we? They said bravely with their fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed. OK, take a copy. Take a copy before bath-time.

More bad news for the usually serene Apple Corp this week comes with various sources warning that your gorgeous, sleek, aluminium, fruit flavoured Mac product may not be as safe as you might believe and that attacks against Macs are very much on the up.

TechRadar, Forbes and Macworld all questioned the Mac hacks recently, if you are Mac user, you can read all about the issues in this excellent article from the folks at Sophos.

If you don’t have a Mac and are running Windows, the lack of a ‘Patch Tuesday’ by Microsoft last month has been put to rights by one of the biggest patch releases ever seen fixing 139 issues, 8 critical. Read the MS update and get patching while time is on your side.

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Our thoughts this week are with the victims, friends and families of the terrible events in Westminster.

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  1. I suspect the reason they ask for iTunes vouchers is so that they can sell them on at a discount. Hence the higher value compared to Bitcoin. A form of simple money laundering.

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