Bet you thought we were going to talk about the 2013 breach of Yahoo data (revealed this week), preceding and doubling the 2014 (mini – ha) breach of 500 million sets of credentials. Read here.

To be honest, we did think about it, but quickly realised that it would be more of the same doom-mongering about online credentials that fuel ours and every other security blog.

Instead, this is the time for thinking of others and so avoiding the rubbish, tedious metaphor of the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. We need to think about the victims.

Jim Smith, the self-employed carpenter, had a Talk-Talk broadband contract. His bank account details were compromised and he couldn’t help but notice that Dido, the CEO not the singer, enjoyed a 300% wage increase.

James Smythe, the moustachioed lone yachtsman, Olympic swordsman and all round chap was horrified when his personal details were stolen and used at the very second he was about to hook up with an eager blonde.

Sir James Smythe-Smith is the real victim. Sir James used his government account to register with His personal email is with Yahoo and he has Talk-Talk broadband.

Be less James.

Have a lovely Christmas. Hugs all round.