10 Things You Never Knew Could Be Hacked

The idea that it is only our PCs and mobile phones can be hacked into is an outdated one. An increasing number of everyday items come with inbuilt connections that are often left wide open to any hacker looking for a new toy to play with. Here is a list of 10 things that you never knew could be hacked into.

1. Electric Garage Door Openers

First up we have a gloriously simple device that is a piece of cake for any computer geek to gain control over. Garage door openers that are more than 5 years old are just easy pickings.

2. Hands-Free Bluetooth Kits

Specifically designed to allow drivers to use mobile phones safely and legally whilst operating a vehicle, it should come as no surprise that these handy little devices are in fact easily hackable.

3. Traffic Lights

We already know that emergency services can remotely alter the controls of traffic signals, but if they can do it then so can a hacker with the same knowhow. It’s already been done too – in 2006, two hackers managed to gain control over the entire L.A traffic system that brought thousands of vehicles to a standstill, causing gridlock.

4. Smart Toilets

Yes that’s right – even the humble lavatory is at risk of being hacked. The smart toilet is an increasingly popular amenity that may seem intelligent but has also been subject to some rather amusing pranks in Japan. Imagine having jets of water sprayed at you, or random music being played whilst you try to do your business in peace… all in the name of Bluetooth fun.

5. Baby Monitors

Not so amusing is the prospect of someone being able to tune into your baby monitor’s signal and listen in on anything that these little radios are picking up. Everything from your beloved baby’s sleep gurgles, to your own private conversations in the living room can be eavesdropped on. Scary.

6. Home Automation Systems

Having a single computerised hub that can control everything in your home from heating and lighting to locks, with your phone as a remote, is a sci-fi dream turned nightmare. Even the most hi-tech systems are yet to be fully secure.

7. Cars

Remember Knight Rider? Well here is the more sinister version. Many modern cars are now using systems like OnStar, leaving them vulnerable to being unlocked and started by a simple text message.

8. Pacemakers and Other Medical Implants

Perhaps one of the most disconcerting things on this list – pacemakers and other medical implants such as hearing aids are often controlled via radio signals, intended to be for doctors to avoid surgery in order to make changes. Unfortunately this means that hackers can make changes too.

9. Webcams

You know that tiny little camera built into your computer and phone screen? Well it can become the window into a live show of your life for any hacker clever enough to access it. For the most part it is used for spying on ladies getting changed.

10. Satellites

Thanks to the constant desire to save money, many satellites lack proper encryption and only need a password, leaving them wide open to hackers, who are able to use their connections to steal data.

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