Cloud Computing And Online Security

Cloud computing is everywhere, used on a day-to-day basis by consumers as well as large companies and this will only continue. With so many people using the cloud, the issue of security has never been more important, but by following some simple tips, you can enjoy all the benefits without risking your data.

One of the best tips to stay secure whilst utilising cloud computing would be to subscribe to a service provider rather than going it alone. Purchasing the relevant software licenses and hardware to set up a cloud network can be time consuming and costly, especially as it then needs to be maintained. If on the other hand a third party is providing the cloud infrastructure, most of the work will be completed offsite, including the security. Vendors can’t risk losing the potentially delicate data of their clients and so will most likely have a high quality security system in place, this can be a much safer and easier way of building a network.

It may seem simplistic, but poor password protection is still one of the easiest ways in which hackers can infiltrate a system. Passwords that protect data within the cloud should be complex and contain numbers, symbols and letters in both upper and lower case, as well as being changed on a regular basis. Also never write passwords down on paper or even in your phone as these can easily fall into the wrong hands.

If the first line of defence fails it is always wise to have a backup plan, in this case this means literally backing up your data. The cloud is a fantastic and mostly safe way of accessing and sharing files remotely but hacking is a real threat and so data should also be stored on an external, physical hard drive, just in case the worse happens.

ITC Secure Networking can provide a complete security infrastructure that can monitor and defend against any potential threats, including loss or theft of online data.