Could a shortage in cloud computing skills hold up projects in 2013?

Last year saw the emergence of cloud computing, the next big thing in IT and a trend that will only continue to grow in 2013.

More and more businesses are turning to the cloud to help create an IT infrastructure that is efficient and purpose built for online interaction. The problem is that as Cloud computing is a fairly new industry, the amount of people fully versed on the subject is low. There is a danger that the demand for the new service will overwhelm the relatively small pool of talent that is currently available to install it.

Implementing a cloud infrastructure into an institution or business requires a vast array of expertise including a working knowledge of the architecture, security and development of the project. Upgrading to the cloud without the right support could mean that businesses either fail altogether or end up using a system that is flawed. Furthermore, once the system is set up it then needs to be maintained which is incredibly important when considering issues such as data protection.

Some believe that it may take as long as two years until the amount of professionals available on the subject catches up to the demand in the market. In the meantime companies can help things along by investing in training, especially as cloud computing is so specialised and therefore unique to each and every situation. It could also be possible to build upon skills that in house staff already have to adapt them as potential cloud engineers.

Although there may be some teething problems along the way, cloud computing represents the future of IT and once established, it will affect the way IT and business interact forever.

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