DDos Attack Hits Fort Lauderdale Authority Websites

mouse-376945_1280Last December, Florida’s Fort Lauderdale was home to a vigilante-style cyber attack from a group of hackers and activists going by the name of Anonymous. The group had previously posted a video on YouTube in response to recent changes in local law that prohibited mass feeding of the homeless without a permit, amongst other things.

They called upon Mayor Seiler to meet their demands within 24 hours, or else they would ensue action. True to their word, Anonymous launched a DDos Attack that overwhelmed the city and police websites with traffic, causing them to temporarily shut down.

The laws in question had already received a lot of bad press when the police twice charged local 90-year-old resident and war veteran, Mr Arnold Abbott, for organising a buffet lunch to feed the homeless in a city park. Members of another activist group called Food not Bombs were also arrested for similar offences.

Whilst Mayor Seiler’s response to the DDos Attack and its apparent cause was somewhat nonchalant, a local judge suspended the law on feeding the homeless, saying that the city fathers needed to sit down with Mr Abbott and his group to try and find a compromise.

The attack itself was relatively mild. However it still managed to bring local online services to a halt, thus hinting at the capabilities of a DDos Attack and how quickly it can be implemented.

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