Introducing Google Chrome’s Do Not Track Tool

This month saw the release of the next version of Google Chrome. The new edition of the popular browser has some interesting features. Chrome 23 has improved the way in which users watch videos, which means buffering time is reduced. Another update means good news for laptop users as Google has reduced the drain on the battery caused by watching video on your computer. However, the most notable addition to Chrome is the Do Not Track (DNT) tool. DNT has been implemented on all of the other major internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera for a while now and Google have finally followed suit.

The DNT function was born out of a backlash against the way in which websites collect information about their users. Many websites pass on the information they gain about their visitors to advertising agencies who then target these users with specific goods and services. Although the advertisers deny that these practices are a breach of privacy, many internet fans disagree. When visiting a website the DNT function sends a request to the site to stop any tracking of information. Although the DNT tool is a massive step in the right direction, each website can choose the way in which they respond to this function and so its effectiveness changes from site to site.

Even though the information gained about people using website tracking is matched to an anonymous IP address and not a name, this thin veil of privacy can be easily lifted. It would not take much computer prowess to trace an IP address to its actual host. This becomes a problem when you realise that internet tracking could possibly reveal incredibly sensitive information about a person including sexuality and health conditions. If this type of information was made available to employers or insurance companies it could be used against the person they pertain. The arguments rages between whether this type of tracking is only used for advertising or something more sinister.

ITC Global Security is tailored for the complete protection of its users and so the issue of DNT is incredibly important. ITC goes above and beyond the usual security software and is a complex infrastructure which constantly monitors the possibility of threats to its customers. By working in conjunction with the DNT tool now available on Google Chrome, ITC Security can help to ensure a safe and secure time browsing the internet.