ITC sales team expand their knowledge through training

ITC’s sales team were fortunate enough to benefit from some amazing sales training from Ian Farmer (IF Associates, Inc.), who has over thirty years of experience in delivering training to sales professionals.  The focus was to further develop the understanding of our customers, their business requirements and the ways in which we can add value to their businesses.  It was an intensive four-day course, but one that flew by and kept everyone engaged throughout.  Building upon tried and tested theory, we considered real-life client engagements and focused on creating value for both our customers, for the sales professional and for ITC.

For two days, the entire sales team was brought together, allowing everyone to share their ideas and to nurture the great sales culture that exists within ITC.  The final two days were split between our business development team and our account management team.  This allowed the teams to concentrate on the sales skills most relevant to the individual and their everyday activities.  The training demonstrated that sales is a skill that must be mastered and that it is a combination of hard-work, smart-work and talent that is needed to succeed.

“Put simply, this was the best sales training I have been on. It will undoubtedly improve the way that ITC engage with our customers. I am already looking forward to turning theory into practice!” – Andrew Hill, Sales Manager

‘’Three days away from the office would normally be a hindrance in a sales role, but the training has made me more effective in my role which more than makes up for the time invested’’ – Jack Holland, Account Manager