James Groom has been named as a “One to Watch” in the Grad to Great Achievement Awards

We are delighted to announce that James Groom, Business Development Manager at ITC Secure, has been named as a “One to Watch” in the Grad to Great achievement awards held by graduate recruitment specialist Pareto Law.

Pareto’s Grad to Great Awards recognise the achievements of outstanding business people who were placed into a graduate sales role by the company and have since taken their careers to incredible levels of success.

The Ones to Watch category identifies who have been placed within the past five years who have the talent and ambition to become industry leaders within their field.

A Biochemistry graduate from the University of Leeds, James was placed at ITC in 2016, where his talent has seen him excel in his role and earn a promotion to Business Development Manager.

This is not James’ first award in the world of sales, having been presented with the title of Best Newcomer at the Professional Sales Awards in 2017.

James said: “I finished my degree in Biochemistry but I knew I didn’t want to pursue a career in academia… being cooped up in a lab all week wasn’t for me. I am a sociable person who needs to be interacting with others regularly. In that respect sales is perfect: I meet new people every day and am building a network of contacts which are the basis for good relationship selling. The pay is great and being remunerated based on your performance is a great feeling. It’s not for everyone… you need to be incredibly resilient because things aren’t always going to go well but this makes the good times even better.

 “Pareto has been excellent and has helped me throughout the process. It’s a significant shift from being at university to applying for jobs & gong to interviews and I feel that working with a company which specialises in this area eases the transition.”

 “The greatest achievement in my career so far was receiving the Professional Sales Award – Best Newcomer in May 2017, but receiving my first major signed contract was a very close second.”

Pareto Law’s Grad to Great awards were established in 2016 in celebration of the company’s 21st anniversary to recognise and celebrate the achievements of their alumni. With over 23,000 graduates placed over the course of 22 years, there was no shortage of nominations of people who have achieved phenomenal success for 2017’s list.

“The Grad to Great Awards came about when we hit our 21st birthday in 2016,” explains Jonathan Fitchew, CEO of Pareto Law,

 “At that point, we had placed a staggering 23 000 graduates into sales companies all over the world. To celebrate our special birthday, we went all out to find our most successful 21 graduates. The process inspired us, as we found that so many graduates, once placed and trained by Pareto, had gone on to achieve great things – so overwhelming is the talent out there, that we run the awards every year.

 “Our winners span continents and industries, and their stories are as diverse as you can possibly imagine, but we think each one is an exceptional role model for anyone considering a career in sales.”