Mobile Device Management – The Basics

It is safe to say that mobile technology has revolutionised modern business practices. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are no longer considered ‘luxury items’ but are instead being integrated into almost every aspect of everyday life, including the workplace. When used effectively, mobile devices can reshape and optimise everything from meetings and customer service, to employees’ sense of freedom and productivity. This is where mobile device management (MDM) comes in.

What is MDM?

Mobile device management, or MDM, is the administrative area that deals with the deployment, securing, monitoring and integration of mobile devices in the workplace. Its primary role is to optimise the functionality of each device whilst simultaneously protecting the organisation’s network security.

A successful MDM strategy will incorporate everything from how each employee uses his or her device, to the continual monitoring and assessment of costs and security.

Why is it Important?

There isn’t a network in the world that is completely immune to security vulnerability. There are however steps that any individual or organisation can take to lower the risk of attack, and to minimise the effects of potentially successful breaches.

The more devices that are connected to a network, the tighter the security needs to be, and with a focus on continuity. This means introducing strict policies that are adhered to across the board, and that are reviewed regularly. Even for a small business that only uses a few mobile devices, having an MDM strategy is important if the network is to stay as secure as possible.

The second reason for employing MDM is to keep everything running smoothly by ensuring devices are communicating with one another and are being used effectively. There is no point in giving employees laptops and tablets if they are not being used in the right way. Just as there are policies for security, so should there be policies for how best to support the company image and branding through the use of mobile devices.

The third reason that MDM is important is quite simply to keep tabs on cost. Each device should be logged and invoiced, with detailed breakdowns of how much is being spent and on what.

How is it Used?

There are plenty of MDM software packages out there that can be tailored to your business’ needs. The first step is to determine what those needs are, and of course what the budget is. For example, are all the devices the same brand, or a mix of Android, Apple, Windows, etc.? How many devices does your business use, and will that number increase in the immediate future? Are they connected to the same carrier network?

However simple, the main benefit of using a software package is to consolidate everything onto a single interface that can be easily navigated and updated in real time.

Using mobile devices can significantly enhance your business, but only if they are used effectively and with a keen eye on security. Get ahead of the game and start managing your mobile devices!