Why is IT Security Needed?

IT systems permeate nearly every modern business and is at the heart of most of today’s transactions. This being the case it would seem prudent to protect these systems from potential threats. IT security involves many different processes which all culminate in a safe and secure IT infrastructure. These processes could include Firewalls, anti-virus software, password protected WLANs as well as a general overall secure network, safe from intrusion. Although many home computers have similar software the type of security needed for a business IT network needs to be much more comprehensive and specific.

The security of a business’s IT systems is paramount and should never be overlooked. The potential threats coming from viruses, malware, adware and hackers are constant. The last couple of years have seen many massive global companies become hacked and compromised. In some cases this has led to the theft of sensitive and private information including bank details, addresses etc. With a strong security system in place these intrusions can be stopped before they get anywhere near a company’s private data. This is not just important in terms of confidentiality but for avoiding the expensive fines that are imposed on companies that do not successfully protect customer’s data. IT security is also needed for the protection against malware and viruses. Once they infect a system these types of digital pests can elicit behaviour ranging from slowing the system down to deleting important files. Having an IT system in place that is free from vulnerability will always lead to benefits to the company that uses it as well as guarding from potential threats.

For the security of a company to be completely protected the right type of software is needed. ITC Security provides a service called NetSure360°. NetSure360° provides a way of controlling the entire security infrastructure. This allows IT Management the ability to view the entire corporate network and react to any possible threats in real time. This service goes above and beyond others of its type, as well as being powerful it is meticulous and takes advantage of every piece of date relevant in its protection. As technology advances the security needed to govern it must advance as well. NetSure360° is as up to date as a service can be in being the complete package for IT security.