ITC Cyber Summit


The Future Is Different Now

Thursday 28th January 2021

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This year, ITC’s flagship annual summit was transformed into a digital experience.

January 2021 is not a restart, it’s a rethink: Securing the digital world needs a rethink from everyone involved to reimagine how businesses continue to operate securely from here. Those who innovate and secure their future will be the winners.

Be a part of the RETHINK.


14:00   Welcome and Introduction
14:15   Cyber Resilience in a Changed World – Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE
14:40   Cyber Security with Microsoft – Dr James Graham, Microsoft
15:00   Breakout Sessions:
  1. Securing Your Digital Transformation – Glenn Fitton, ITC Secure
  2. Protecting Our Healthcare – John Ford, IronNet Cybersecurity & Mandeep Gosal, ITC Secure
  3. Rethinking Cyber Security in the Channel Islands – Daragh McDermott, JT Group & Ade Taylor, ITC Secure
15:20   A Cyber Wargame
15:50   Summary and Close 

Keynote Sessions

Cyber Resilience in a Changed World

Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE

Business continuity in 2020, migrating to remote working, meeting customer demands or simply staying afloat masked a hard reality; attackers still had the advantage and the correlation between cyber security spend and resistance to intrusions remained poor.

Despite cyber resilience remaining a priority for governments and regulators in the UK, US and EU, often they lack the resources or capacity to put this into action to help businesses.

2021 requires a rethink as self-reliance becomes crucial to businesses, putting them in the driving seat, with three key elements:

  • Realtime understanding of your inventory, what is happening on your networks and in your supply chain
  • Preparing the whole enterprise for response and recovery from a cyber attack
  • The right partnerships to boost your capacity should you suffer a breach

Cyber Security with Microsoft

Dr James Graham, Microsoft

Microsoft will reveal the key security trends they have seen over the last 6 months and discuss the influence that rapid digital transformation and cloud migration have had and where this may take us in the year to come.

Dr James Martin will provide context on how this is impacting businesses today in view of the ever-changing threat landscape. He will cover key topics such as zero trust and offer insight into what opportunities exist so organisations can innovate their cyber security and better manage the cyber risks of tomorrow.

Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft’s view on latest security threat landscape and the roadmap ahead
  • Resources available to combat today’s cyber threats
  • Putting this into practice and achieving quick wins

Breakout Sessions

Securing Your Digital Transformation

Understanding how mature your cyber posture is and where you are on that journey is critical to identifying the gaps and resolving them. As cyber risks evolve daily so must the way we assess our defences, doing this continuously ensures we are on the front foot.

Glenn Fitton, CISO and Senior Cyber Consultant at ITC Secure, will discuss the challenges in legacy methods and explore how advances in continual cyber assessment practices can make this more accessible and effective for businesses moving forward.

Key takeaways:

  • How do you answer “how secure are we?”
  • Framework selection, one size does not fit all
  • What meaningful action can be taken?

Protecting Our Healthcare

Our healthcare sector is under increased cyber attack. Our adversaries have changed course in their motivations and modes of attack, infrastructure that once was secure and working 12 months ago now require a rethink.

John Ford, former healthcare CISO and Cyber Strategist at IronNet, and Mandeep Gosal, Director of Professional Services at ITC Secure, will address these challenges and provide insight into what this means for the sector; how does working as a community tighten security defences and what does this mean operationally?

Key takeaways:

  • The latest threats and threat actor motivations
  • Healthcare businesses are not alone in this battle, cyber security is a collective effort
  • How to put this into practice 

Rethinking Cyber Security in the Channel Islands

Details TBC

Keynote Speakers

Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE

Paddy McGuinness CMG OBE

Paddy McGuinness advises businesses and governments globally on business resilience, crisis, and technology and geopolitical risks. From 2014-18 he was the UK’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Intelligence, Security and Resilience advising two successive Prime Ministers on national risk assessment, crisis response and recovery and policy on Cyber Security, Counter Terrorism and action by Hostile States. Paddy led the UK’s Cyber Programmes including formulation and implementation of the UK’s 5-year National Cyber Security Strategy and work to enhance the security of Critical National Infrastructure and manage any adverse national security impacts from foreign investment.

Dr James Graham<br><em>Cloud Solutions Architect</em><br><img src="" style="margin:10px 0 5px 0; width:150px;" alt="">

Dr James Graham
Cloud Solutions Architect

James Graham, PhD is a Cloud Solution Architect in Modern Work Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft. With over 15 years under his belt in the IT industry he has built up a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when transforming and adopting modern technologies. At Microsoft, James works with the managed partner network to build out Microsoft cyber security solutions, ensuring organisations have a robust security posture to face up to the ever-evolving cyber threats.