The importance of mobile security and the Snapchat Scandal (Part 2)

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The importance of mobile security and the Snapchat Scandal (Part 2)

Mobile security is not something that many businesses have yet made a priority. However, as we incorporate more and more mobile devices into our regular working lives, the risks that we take with everything from leaked business information to being prosecuted under data protection laws increase exponentially. If your business hasn’t yet considered how to protect itself with respect to mobile security then it might well be about time to start.

The main risk with mobile security is the BYOD effect (or Bring Your Own Device). Whilst many businesses have introduced this idea in order to cut costs and reduce budgets, in fact it can be incredibly dangerous if there aren’t sufficient safeguards in place. Personal email and apps with low security, such as social media, can open the door to hackers who, once inside a mobile device through one of these portals can then gain access to a company’s network via the linked applications like the corporate email account and reek absolutely havoc. This could mean information being stolen, embarrassing documents leaked and even data being deleted from databases.

This is why it is key to ensure that there is some kind of mobile security policy in place so that people are aware of the dangers to the business from their own mobile devices. Staff should understand the various types of information that the company holds, what is confidential and what is highly confidential, so that there is comprehension of what can be shared and what should never be shared. Training employees to report suspicious activity, imposing security settings on everyone who uses a device linked to the corporate network and ensuring that the IT team has access rights where a device has become compromised are all key steps to take.

In addition to the above, having some sort of managed security services and network monitoring in place is crucial in order to be able to protect the company’s network and to ensure that where there is some sort of breach that is can be spotted and dealt with quickly. NetSure360 from ITC Secure Networking provides the perfect solution to the BYOD issue, as it allows for realtime simultaneous monitoring and assessment providing a clear perspective of the business network and the threats that it might be facing. If you would like more information on how to use it to protect your business then please see our website.

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