With a Shortage in IT Security Specialists Where Do Businesses Turn to Prevent Cyber Threats

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With a Shortage in IT Security Specialists Where Do Businesses Turn to Prevent Cyber Threats

Despite the fact that IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, recent information suggests that there is currently a skills shortage affecting the sector. This is particularly with respect to IT security specialists where this month it was reported that demand was outstripping supply and that this might be leaving businesses with serious vulnerabilities to cyber threats, such as hacking. Huge companies such as BAE Systems, Google and Lockheed Martin have all been taking steps to increase security specialists within their teams, however, for smaller businesses with fewer resources it is proving harder to attract, and keep, this talent.

Without specialist IT security assistance, many companies are left vulnerable to the ever increasing numbers of cyber criminals attempting to steal data, bring down systems and create huge losses for business. Whilst there does tend to be something of an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude in British business, it is happening to many – and more and more frequently too. One unidentified London-listed company was quoted in a recent Reuters report as having lost some £800 million in a recent cyber attack, which is an enormous hit to take. We may not always hear about successful cyber attacks – most victim companies tend to want to hush them up to prevent further attacks on a weak system and to avoid panicking their interested parties, such as shareholders – however there is no doubt that these attacks are taking place in increasing numbers and British business needs to be prepared to protect itself.

Whether or not your business has an IT specialist on site, or some other managed security services, it is crucial that some kind of security provision is made. The right security network system can ensure that networks remain in tact, can avoid losses, and can prevent a situation where extensive down time ensues because hackers have paralysed a system and there is no effective way to get it up and running again quickly. ITC Security provides security consultancy and infrastructure and security management to a wide range of businesses. Our systems are designed to facilitate business, enhance performance and prevent security threats from materialising. Our systems can also help you deal effectively with security issues when they arise so that they don’t cause excessive downtime for the business – see our website for more information.

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