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We help organisations identify, understand and control their cyber risk
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Managed Security Services
Providing scalable and cost-effective solutions that deliver comprehensive threat intelligence, detection, management and response
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ITC Sentinel Managed Detection and Response
Harnessing the power of Microsoft technology, backed by security experts trained to the highest level, our solution eliminates threats before they happen.

Cyber Advisory Services
Our experts assess and provide guidance to help identify,
understand and manage security risks
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ITC Cyber Summit

The Future Is Different Now

This year, ITC’s flagship annual summit was transformed into a digital experience


Making the digital world a safer place to do business

Achieve clarity and control of your cyber risk through impartial advice and 24x7x365 managed security services

Cyber Advisory Services

Our specialist cyber advisory team provides an impartial service helping customers navigate complex security and regulatory issues. Using a proven methodology, our experts assess an organisation’s cyber maturity, and offers guidance to help them understand and manage their security risks.


Managed Security Services

We offer managed cyber security as a service. Supported by expert analysts and monitored through our London-based Security Operations Centre, we provide scalable and cost-effective solutions that deliver comprehensive threat intelligence, detection, management and response.

Microsoft Managed Security Services


ITC Sentinel SIEM

ITC’s SOC and Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel platform provides a 24/7, comprehensive approach to data collection, threat hunting, incident investigation and rapid response.

We utilise the industry’s first cloud-native SIEM technology, combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence with human expertise and insight.

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ITC Sentinel MDR

ITC Sentinel MDR is a complete security solution that delivers preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation and response.

As businesses and the technical architectures that support them evolve, perimeter-less security is becoming the new normal. With this comes new risk requiring alternative strategies for response and mitigation.

To minimise cyber security risk to your business, it is essential to gain visibility of and rapidly identify and shut down cyber threats. Being able to do that 24/7 is another challenge.

We have simplified security for some of the world’s leading brands

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ITC Cyber Assessments

The first step towards managing your cyber risk is to understand the level of threat your business could be exposed to.

It’s vital to get insight into the risks associated with every aspect of your organisation, from technology, culture and governance issues through to the people who work for you. Only then will you be able to identify potential vulnerabilities across all areas of the business and be able to mitigate and manage your cyber risk.

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