Cloud Security

Elevate cloud security. Unleash multicloud protection.

Maximise multicloud security

Strengthen your cloud infrastructure and defend against evolving threats.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance and protect sensitive data across your multicloud environment.

Streamline cloud security operations

Optimise your cloud security processes and workflows for enhanced efficiency and peace of mind.

Our service

ITC provides a comprehensive suite of cloud security services combining cloud-native solutions with expert guidance tailored to your business needs that empower you in taking control of your cloud environment. We assess your cloud infrastructure’s security posture, develop a strategic roadmap, and deliver customised solutions including identity management and cutting-edge security configurations. And for businesses that also require assistance managing their cloud security, with our comprehensive managed security solutions, you gain access to continuous monitoring and robust cloud security as your business evolves.

A Microsoft Solutions Partner
As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with Advanced Specializations in Cloud Security, Threat Protection, and Identity and Access Management, we have the skills, knowledge, and processes to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability in cloud security.


Enhanced data protection

Implementing ITC's cloud security service ensures robust security controls and encryption mechanisms, safeguarding sensitive data against unauthorised access and cyber threats. This builds trust, improves reputation, and reduces legal and financial risks.

Regulatory compliance

ITC's cloud security service helps organisations to comply with industry regulations and data protection laws, avoiding penalties, lawsuits, and reputational damage. It proactively manages risks associated with cloud services, minimising potential security incidents.

Business continuity

With ITC's cloud security, businesses protect their infrastructure and data from disruptions caused by cyber attacks or system failures. Robust backup and disaster recovery strategies ensure quick recovery minimise downtime. It also enables scalable and agile operations, leveraging the benefits of cloud computing securely.


Holistic cloud security assessment

Attain a comprehensive view of your cloud security posture with a thorough assessment, ensuring complete visibility across your cloud environment.

Strategic risk-ready roadmap

Develop a strategic roadmap to effectively address both present and future risks and empower your organisation to navigate the evolving cloud security landscape.

Tailored cloud-native security solutions

Leverage cloud-native security solutions that are meticulously customised to align with your specific requirements—ensuring optimal protection.

Enhanced control through Identity and Access Management

Augment control over your cloud resources with an overlay of identity and access management—heightening security measures and reducing vulnerabilities.

Secure cloud operations via standardisation

Achieve secure operations by standardising your cloud environment, minimising potential vulnerabilities and ensuring consistent security practices.

Continuous monitoring with unified managed security

Benefit from an integrated suite of managed security solutions for ongoing monitoring and continuous enhancements—maintaining a robust security stance.

Comprehensive Microsoft multicloud security

Access a comprehensive range of Microsoft multicloud security solutions, encompassing Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Cloud Remediations, and Permissions management with Microsoft Entra for multicloud identity health check.


Anchored in Microsoft's security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners