Security Engineering and SOC Onboarding

Seamless integration. Optimised operations.

Strengthen security defences

Protect your sensitive data and systems against evolving cyber threats.

Streamline integration processes

Seamlessly integrate new security solutions, technologies, or clients and optimise your security operations.

Stay ahead of cyber adversaries

Proactively detect, respond, and mitigate threats and empower your organisation to maintain a strong security posture.

Our service

At ITC, we protect your sensitive data and systems with expert security engineers who design tailored security architectures. Our risk assessments identify vulnerabilities and develop cutting-edge solutions against cyber threats. Our SOC onboarding service integrates new security solutions smoothly—maximising your security operations’ effectiveness. With ITC, you can confidently navigate cyber security, detect threats, and stay ahead of adversaries.


Enhanced security posture

Strengthen your organisation's security defences with expertly designed architectures and controls to mitigate risks and protect sensitive data and systems.

Improved operational efficiency

Streamline integration processes into your existing SOC to optimise security operations and reduce time-consuming manual tasks.

Proactive threat detection and response

Stay ahead of cyber adversaries with advanced monitoring, rapid incident response, and proactive threat mitigation—minimising potential damages and downtime.


Comprehensive security approach

Thorough risk assessments, robust architecture design, and tailored solutions provide a fortified defence against evolving threats.

Seamless integration and optimisation

Effortlessly integrate new solutions, optimise processes, and empower SOC teams for efficient security operations.

Proactive threat management

Ongoing monitoring, expert-guided testing, and rapid incident response ensure proactive threat detection and effective mitigation.

Tailored expertise

Customised security solutions aligned with business needs, backed by knowledge transfer and guidance from experienced engineers.

Anchored in Microsoft's security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners