Seamless mobility. Uncompromised security.

Streamline mobile device management and security

Simplify the management of your mobile devices while fortifying your organisation against evolving cyber threats.

Ensure compliance and protect sensitive data on the go

Safeguard your organisation's data and maintain regulatory compliance with a robust mobility solution.

Empower your workforce with secure mobile productivity

Enable your employees to stay productive and collaborate effectively while ensuring the security of their mobile devices and data.

Our service

Experience ITC’s advanced mobility service, combining Intune and Defender for Endpoint, for comprehensive mobile device management and endpoint protection. We begin with a thorough assessment of your organisation’s needs and security policies. With Intune, we enforce strict policies, manage settings, and distribute applications seamlessly. Integrated with Defender for Endpoint, you gain real-time threat detection and proactive incident response. Our team provide training and support for a smooth transition.


Increased efficiency and productivity

With streamlined mobile device management and secure access to corporate resources, regardless of their location, employees can work more effectively and collaborate seamlessly.

Heightened data security and compliance

By implementing robust security measures and enforcing compliance policies, organisations can protect sensitive data, meet regulatory requirements, and minimise the risk of data breaches.

Improved endpoint protection

Through the integration of Intune and Defender for Endpoint, organisations can proactively detect and respond to potential security threats—reducing the likelihood of successful cyber attacks and minimising the impact of incidents.


Thorough mobility assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your mobility requirements and infrastructure to tailor a strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Customised mobility strategy

Benefit from a uniquely tailored mobility strategy that's developed to precisely fit your organisation's goals and challenges.

Seamless Intune implementation

Experience a seamless integration of Microsoft Intune for efficient device management and hassle-free application distribution.

Enhanced security with Intune-Defender integration

Elevate your security standards through the integration of Intune with Defender for Endpoint, ensuring advanced threat protection and incident response.

Real-time threat detection and response

Stay ahead of potential threats with real-time detection and swift incident response—minimising risks and ensuring continuous operations.

Comprehensive training and support

Equip your IT staff, administrators, and end-users with the necessary training and support to maximise the effectiveness of your mobility solution.