Security in Residence

Elevate your security posture. Guidance you can trust.

Unlock cyber security excellence

Overcome the scarcity of expertise and resources.

Maximise your budget

Navigate the cost-prohibitive nature of internal cyber security teams.

Align for success

Strategically focus on core business objectives with cyber security.

Our service

Our expert Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) serve as trusted advisors, technologists, and operational strategists to guide your organisation on all aspects of cyber security. They can advise senior management and the board on the state of security and cyber risks with a focus on people, technology and governance safeguards; drive long-term cyber security roadmaps; and guide your business on continuous, effective and efficient operations for cyber security.


Experienced CISO

Access to seasoned CISOs who assess vulnerabilities and develop risk mitigation strategies.

Flexible access

Utilise our Security in Residence service for scalable CISO support and optimise costs compared to full-time hiring.

Regulatory compliance

Develop compliance frameworks, policies, and procedures with our CISOs to ensure industry adherence and audit readiness.


Enhanced Security

Strengthen your organisation's security, safeguard sensitive data, and protect your reputation against breaches.

Cost Optimisation

Save on expenses with flexible CISO access, and benefit from expert guidance while managing your budget effectively.

Compliance assurance

Ensure regulatory compliance, avoid penalties, and protect your reputation with robust frameworks and audit support from our CISOs.

Anchored in Microsoft's security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners