Supply Chain Risk Analysis

Risk-proof your supply chain. Safeguard your operations.

Supply chain transparency

Ensure visibility and trust throughout your supply chain to mitigate cyber risks.

Vendor risk management

Identify and manage potential vulnerabilities posed by third-party suppliers and partners.

Regulatory compliance assurance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards across your supply chain.

Our service

Our comprehensive supply-chain risk-analysis service provides organisations with a thorough evaluation of the potential cyber security risks and vulnerabilities within their supply chain. Our expert team conducts a detailed assessment, maps out the interconnected relationships and dependencies, and identifies critical assets, data flows, and information exchanges. Through rigorous risk quantification and analysis, we prioritise risks based on their potential impact and devise tailored mitigation strategies. Our service encompasses continuous monitoring, compliance considerations, and ongoing support to safeguard your supply chain against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


Improved resilience

By implementing supply-chain risk analysis, organisations can enhance their resilience to cyber threats—mitigating the potential impact on their operations and protecting their critical assets.

Enhanced compliance

Supply-chain risk analysis helps organisations ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, data protection standards, and best practices, minimising the risk of regulatory penalties and reputational damage.

Strengthened trust

Through proactive risk management, organisations can foster trust and confidence among their customers, partners, and stakeholders—demonstrating their commitment to cyber security and data protection throughout their supply chain.


Supplier compliance check

Ensure third-party suppliers meet strict security standards through our comprehensive criteria. Covers Information Security, Access Control, Systems Security, Supplier Security, Physical Security, Compliance, Employee Lifecycle, and Operations.

Smart risk reduction

Spot high-risk suppliers using our industry-scoring system. Expert guidance helps both customers and suppliers to mitigate risks—–reducing cyber exposure.

Effortless supplier engagement

Engage suppliers effortlessly. We manage surveys, evidence collection, and responses for a thorough assessment.

Crystal-clear communication

Keep transparency with suppliers and clients. We confirm responses and evidence—–fostering trust.

Precision scoring

Rely on data-driven scoring for accurate evaluation. Our scores target risk and guide mitigation.

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