Cyber Due Diligence

Insight-driven decisions. Fortify your future.

Seamless M&A decision making

Identify potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities in target organisations during mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships.

Data protection assurance

Ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard sensitive data by assessing the cyber security practices of potential business partners.

Securing the supply chain

Mitigate vendor and supply chain risks by evaluating the security posture and data protection measures of third-party providers.

Our service

Our comprehensive cyber due diligence solution provides organisations with the necessary insights to make informed business decisions, protect their assets, and maintain regulatory compliance. We meticulously assess the cyber security posture of target organisations during mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships to uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities.

By evaluating data protection practices, regulatory compliance adherence, and vendor security measures, we help businesses identify hidden risks, minimise liabilities, and ensure the security of their operations. Our expert team delivers actionable recommendations and empowers organisations to make strategic choices with confidence and fortify their cyber defences in an ever-evolving threat landscape.


Enhanced risk management

Proactively identify and mitigate cyber risks, safeguard assets and protect reputation.

Strengthened regulatory compliance

Ensure adherence to data protection regulations to minimise fines and maintain trust.

Informed business decision-making

Make well-informed decisions, negotiate better terms, and ensure smooth integration with actionable insights.


Comprehensive assessment

Elevate your security with ITC's comprehensive assessment of email security, website integrity, and public configurations. We identify vulnerabilities and benchmark your practices against industry best standards to ensure a strong cyber security foundation.

Behavioural insights

Gain advanced awareness of high-risk user behaviours. We detect early signs of high-risk user behaviour, such as file sharing and peer-to-peer transactions, and provide you with proactive insights to enhance your network's security.

Credential exposure analysis

Detect and address leaked credentials, including usernames and passwords. We help you identify and address potential security breaches to safeguard your sensitive information.

Anchored in Microsoft's security product portfolio and supported by other best-of-breed security partners