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Secure your Microsoft cloud journey with ITC

In today’s business landscape, driven by cloud technology, users and devices are everywhere—demanding access to various resources. Across the globe, organisations grapple with cyber security challenges as threats expand beyond traditional boundaries.

As a selected Microsoft partner, ITC offers practical Microsoft workshops, that can be fully funded, to help you navigate the complex world of cyber security. These workshops combine industry best practices with hands-on experience and the latest technology. Through our workshops, you will gain a solid understanding of cyber security essentials and industry standards.

Furthermore, explore the potential benefits of Microsoft security solutions with ITC’s straightforward Proof of Concepts (PoCs). Our PoCs provide a secure environment to assess the effectiveness of Microsoft solutions for your specific security challenges.

Qualified by an eligibility check, these programmes are led by ITC’s experts in Cloud Security, Identity, and Cyber Advisory, and can be fully funded by Microsoft.

Your path to a more secure business environment starts here.


Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Security Officers
Heads of Information & Security
Data Protection Officers
Strategic / Enterprise Architects

Our Microsoft workshops customisable for you


Gain awareness of the current state of your security aligned to industry benchmarks, and support on how to remediate vulnerabilities and upgrade your security posture for the long term.


Gain the insights you need to understand data security, privacy and compliance risks in your organisation, including actionable next steps based on your business needs and objectives.


Gain an overview of Microsoft Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with a Microsoft Sentinel Engagement.


Gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data, plus clarity and support on how to remediate vulnerabilities and upgrade your security posture for the long term.


Gain advice on how to prepare your organisation for Microsoft Copilot for security, how to build capabilities tailored to your needs and budget and discover continuous management across your  environment. 

Our proof of concepts empower your Microsoft journey

Unlocking the potential of Microsoft security solutions requires more than just theory; it demands real-world validation. In the dynamic realm of cyber security, where threats evolve constantly, our PoCs stand as a reliable testing ground. These controlled environments empower you to assess the efficacy of Microsoft security solutions in addressing your unique business security challenges.

Backed by ITC’s expertise in Cloud Security, Identity, and Cyber Advisory, and fully funded by Microsoft upon eligibility, our PoCs pave the way for strategic security enhancement. Elevate your approach to security and fortify your business against today’s threats.


Would you like to walk away with actionable next steps based on your business’ specific needs and objectives?

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